Sat, Aug 20, 2016 from 10am - 5pm

This event has passed.

Have something you want to talk about?

(Of course, you do. We all do!) 

Well, BarCamp is the place to do it! 

Anything from coding to PokémonGo… it’s the ultimate “Nerd-sesh”

BarCamp Unplugged is an ad-hoc unconference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is a fresh take on the open-format conference where the attendees will be invited to bring ideas to share with the community; the schedule will be determined by the group that shows up and will evolve organically throughout the day. 

Expect to take part in (or initiate) discussions, workshops, Q&A, summits, art classes and musical jam sessions. 


Here's how it works:

-Show up at 10 am, have some coffee & suggest topics to be voted on. 
-Check out other people's topics & check off discussions you would like to be part of. 
-Chat with attendees as organizers facilitates smooth transition into discussion groups based on interest 
-Check back at 11 for morning schedule & if your topic gets voted on YOU get to help facilitate the discussion. 
-You're free to come and go from discussions at will. If you don't want to get in on the current schedule... No worries :) Hang out, start your own, make new friends, play some music, there are no rules when it comes to self-entertaining :)
-Break at 1, nosh and a beer, rinse & repeat


—Rough Schedule—

10:00  Coffee and Topic Suggesting/Voting
11:00   Session 1
12:00  Session 2
1:00   Break and second topic vote. 
2:00  Session 3
3:00  Session 4
4:00  Beer and Mingling (Although, feel free to beer whenever) 

***Stay at 5:00 for Ians Pizza and Parentpreneur Night!

Some proposed ideas:

-Urban gardening, self-watering gardens, aquaponic systems
-Coding for MUSICcat
-Geocaching, What the hell is that? 
-JSFS JavaScript Cloud based storage for media 
-Evaluation Methods for Social/Service Entreprises
-TEDxMadison, The ins-and-outs
-How to properly pour a beer
-What's new in the world of Solar?
-Intro to Improv
-Painting, and the creative process.
-Bitcoin, is that still a thing?
-Home brewing (kombucha and/or beer)
-Madison Women in Business
-Social Media, WTF? 
-Introduction to Systems Thinking
-Impromptu Kung Fu class

**Insert your topic ________ here**

Note: This event is included in the Forward Pass

Matrix Coworking

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Madison, WI 53719