Thu, Aug 18, 2016 from 9:30am - 4pm

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The 2nd Annual Social Good Summit is eager to tackle how Madison's entrepreneurs can work with and in Madison to transform good intentions into intentional actions. In 2015 we developed a working definition of socially good entrepreneurship, with the purpose of aligning Madison’s entrepreneurial goals with the city’s most silenced voices. This year, we're coming together to explore how we'll create and sustain entrepreneurs who do transformative work. The 2016 Social Good Summit will frame discussion around processes to move from intention to action, and help connect attendees with others to craft plans for the coming year. Please Register to join us all day Thursday, Aug 18th, at the Madison Public Library.

9:00 am Check in/Coffee
9:30 am Welcome and introduction
9:45 am Amy Gannon leads a series of Process Chats
11:45 am Q&A
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Keynote - Everett Mitchell
1:15 pm Break
1:30 pm Breakout Sessions
3:30 pm Report Back
4:30 pm Closing

Note: This event is included in the Forward Pass

Central Public Library

201 West Mifflin St.
Rooms 301 and 302

Madison, WI 53703